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Pallet trucks

Great variety of quality pallet trucks at very competitive prices, do not miss this opportunity. Ideal for transport and loading of all types of warehouse materials.

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  • Manual Pallet Trucks

    Great variety of manual pallet trucks to choose from: fruit-makers, with long nails, stainless steel, galvanized, lightweight, high load capacity, ...

  • Electric pallet trucks

    Wide variety of electric pallet trucks, of different capacities and characteristics, according to your needs. Ideal for transporting materials in warehouses, factories, ... easily and conveniently.

  • Scissor pallet trucks

    Scissor pallet trucks for a higher load elevation, up to 800mm. Manual, electric, stainless steel, galvanized, manual ...

  • Weighing pallet trucks

    Pallet trucks with or without a printer You can easily weigh the pallets with the same pallet, quickly and comfortably.

  • Stainless and galvanized pallet trucks

    Pallet trucks indicated for cold room work and in humid areas. Quality stainless and galvanized pallet trucks at a good price.

  • Special pallet trucks

    Pallet trucks to solve various situations: tilters, coil holders, drum holders, ... We advise you according to your needs, contact us.

  • Pallet truck spare parts

    Spare parts for all types of pallet trucks. Indicate brand, model and serial number of your pallet and we quote without any commitment.