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    Seat for foam forklift and lined with PVC for durability. With suspension and weight adjustment. Adjustable sliding rails at various distances, ensuring optimum stability. Seat cushions easy to replace, joined by a clip system. Basic and comfortable seat to work on the trolley for long hours.

    98,34 € sin IVA 149,00 € -34%
  • Manual lifting table for rolling scissors with loading capacity of up to 150Kg. Ideal for handling, transporting, packing or moving products or materials in a comfortable height position. The lift works by means of a pedal and descends by means of a lever. Contains 4 wheels and brake.

    299,00 € sin IVA
  • Implement hook for truck. Performs lifting tasks as a crane and quickly and safely. Elevation up to 2,500kg. CE Marking

    279,00 € sin IVA
  • FEM rotator attachment 180 degrees for torito. The rotators are intended to rotate loads such as boxes, containers, etc. that rise over the forks of the forklift.

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  • Container / Hopper for the transport of materials. It is used with a forklift. Capacity of 840 L and maximum load of 2000 Kg. Lids available.CE MarkingUSEFUL NOT INCLUDED.HELPFUL Reference: M103040007OPERATION OF THE HOPPER + USEFUL

    358,00 € sin IVA
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    Attachment for forklift. Standard rain guard for cabin, made of PVC.   Very easy to use.

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  • Wardrobe for storing documents of welded structure equipped with 4 shelves. Ideal for storing all important documents in a clean and dry sheltered place. Equipped with lock and two keys. Ideal to have organized and saved all documents, filing cabinets with invoices, orders, etc ... Perfect for offices, shops, supermarkets, etc ...

    319,00 € sin IVA
  • Set of 2 load protectors made of red polyurethane, which are fixed by velcro to the back of the fork. Ideal to protect both the merchandise and the fork itself from wear due to friction. They are ready for use and are mounted immediately using velcro.

    309,00 € sin IVA
  • Protect your forks from wear by rubbing loads with these pads, as well as the load itself. They are available for different fork widths. Made with molded rubber and designed to withstand intensive use. Choose the desired size from the drop down according to the width of your forks: 80-100mm, 120-130mm, 150mm, 200mm.

    229,00 € sin IVA
  • Indicator of the level of inclination and height of the forks to know at all times at what height the fork is and avoid material and human damage. Manufactured for all makes and models of trucks or machinery for lifting loads. Easy to install without tools.

    219,00 € sin IVA
  • Protect the forks of your truck and at the same time to the operators that travel nearby, with this foam that makes the presence of the fork of the truck more visible. Made of resistant foam with a striking white / red color and dimensions of 100x800x100mm.

    89,00 € sin IVA
  • Protect your forks from wear by lowering them and dragging them on the ground with these heel protectors of forks made of very strong steel. Available for different fork widths: 80-100, from 120 to 130 and 150mm. Choose the width that best fits your forks from the drop-down.

    185,00 € sin IVA
  • Magnet for manual load lifting to lift flat or rounded, heavy and long ferromagnetic loads, such as forks, for example, safely and easily. Available in 3 load capacities, choose the one you want from the drop-down.

    325,00 € sin IVA
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