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    599,25 € 705,00 € -15%

    Weighing pallet truck of quality materials and easy operation, 500g of weight fraction and 2000kg of maximum load capacity. SPECIAL PRICE UNTIL END OF STOCK.

    599,25 € sin IVA 705,00 € -15%
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    695,13 € 799,00 € -13%

    Weighing pallet truck with 500g graduation printer and 2000kg load capacity. To weigh your load easily and comfortably.

    695,13 € sin IVA 799,00 € -13%
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    3 423,20 € 3 890,00 € -12%

    Stainless Steel Weighing Pallet with fraction of 200/500 g. Ideal for wet work environments (food industry, port, transport of liquids, etc.)* Also in fraction of 500/1000. Ask us for more information.

    3 423,20 € sin IVA 3 890,00 € -12%
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    313,65 € 369,00 € -15%

    Rotating hook 360º weigher with load capacity up to 1,000 to 5000 Kg. Equipped with a LED screen with digits of 35mm. Internal rechargeable battery 6V, 5Ah up to 60 hours. Includes remote control with calibration function.

    313,65 € sin IVA 369,00 € -15%
    Reduced price!
  • Lightweight hook from 3,000 to 30,000 Kg capacity with remote control and screen with weight indicator. Designed for use in warehouses and production plants. ** Choose the maximum weight capacity from the drop-down menu.

    324,90 € sin IVA
  • Forklift scales are highly accurate, powered by compact lithium-ion batteries. Wireless, they install in a few minutes. In addition, as standard with data transfer via Bluetooth 4.0. These forklift truck scales have a fork height of 58mm and no external components on the fork leg.

  • Industrial monocell scale with removable indicator.Optional ENAC certificate.

    229,00 € sin IVA
  • scale with load capacity of up to 3000 Kg and platform dimensions of 1500x1500 mm.

    502,00 € sin IVA
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    3 590,00 €

    Integrated weighing system for fork bearing plates on forklift trucks. Maximum load capacity of 2,500kg. It consists of a plate that is easily placed on the fork carriage and an LCD display that is placed in the cabin. LDC viewer available here.

    3 590,00 € sin IVA
  • Advanced display with weighing indicator LCD screen. Compatible with the weighing scale for forklift trucks reference M103110053.

    189,00 € sin IVA
  • Weighing indicator for multiple scales. With its keyboard you can perform several functions: weighing unit selection gross Net accumulation and manual transmission of data to PC or printer zero tare Separate buttons to turn on and off.

    120,00 € sin IVA
  • Ramp accessory for weighing platform to enable as a passage area for pallet trucks and wheelchairs.

    259,00 € sin IVA
  • Platform to weigh palletized loads on European pallets comfortably. It does not require the use of added ramps. Ideal to easily weigh all types of goods on pallets.

    459,00 € sin IVA
  • Platform with 4 extra-flat weighing cells with ramp included for ease of use. Up to 3000kg capacity. Valid for legal metrology.

    899,00 € sin IVA
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    1 980,00 €

    Weight indicator for forklift. High precision hydraulic system.

    1 980,00 € sin IVA
  • Weighing system incorporated on any type of truck of any brand or model. Our weighing system is specially designed for use in forklifts. Weighing in the same forklift prevents unnecessary travel, reduces movement and fuel consumption. Informs the operator of the load through a screen.

    1 959,00 € sin IVA
  • Weighing control system for forklift. Specifically designed, it presents visual and acoustic signals to warn of overloads.

    1 200,00 € sin IVA
  • Piece counting balance capacity up to 30 Kg with backlit LCD screen. * If you want ENAC certification contact us. (+ € 130)

    129,00 € sin IVA
  • Verified piece balance weighing up to 30 kg with backlit LCD display. * If you want ENAC certification contact us. (+ € 130)

    219,00 € sin IVA
  • Manual weighing pallet truck. LCD screen. The weight scale indicator works with two AA batteries (autonomy 150 hours). It is precise and robust. The indicator shows the weight every 5kg and the maximum load capacity is 2200 kg. Error messages on the screen.

    845,00 € sin IVA
  • Set of M2 chrome steel weights. Choose the option you want in the drop-down on the right.Ask us to obtain the ENAC Certificate

    62,00 € sin IVA
  • Individual rectangular precision weights. Available in 2 materials: - Cast steel (from 5 to 50 Kg) -Stainless steel (10 to 20 Kg) Choose the option that most interests you in the drop-down on the right

    37,00 € sin IVA
  • M1 precision weights for crane hook and forklifts. Availability of 100 to 2000 Kg. Select the option you want in the drop-down on the right to check price.

    419,00 € sin IVA
  • M2 precision weights for crane hook and wheelbarrow Available in 2 options: - For crane hook. (500 and 100 kg) -For crane hook and wheelbarrow. (From 100 to 2000 Kg)Choose the option you prefer in the drop-down that appears on the right. * If you wish to include the Official ENAC Certificate, please let us know. (+ € 200)

    403,00 € sin IVA
  • Weighing forks allow you to weigh your product in a more effective way, since you can perform the weighing while lifting it. The wireless display uses Bluetooth® technology and allows you to view and control the weight of individual charges and the total weight of various charges.

  • High precision weighing forks without cables, data transfer via Bluetooth.

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    1 084,90 €

    Printer for the forklift hydraulic weighing kit.

    1 084,90 € sin IVA
  • Scale in the form of 2 portable bars with a maximum capacity of 3000kg available in two sizes: 800x120mm / 1250x120mm. Choose the desired size from the drop-down. Designed to be stored and transported with the handle they incorporate. They have a viewfinder with LDC screen and waterproof 5-key keyboard.

    419,00 € sin IVA
  • Weighing hook of different capacities from 1,000 to 10,000 kg. It incorporates an LED display with highly visible digits in red and a remote control. Choose the capacity you need from the drop-down.

    265,00 € sin IVA
  • Weighing hook of different capacities: 3000.5000 and 10000 kg. Available in two versions, the simplest (CHS M) and the most complete (CHS W). Both have a backlit LCD screen and include remote control and case to store the hook. Choose the desired version and maximum weight from the drop-down.

    959,00 € sin IVA
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    1 029,00 €

    Weighing pallet truck with 200 / 500g weight fraction and 2000kg maximum load capacity. It has an advanced LCD indicator with tilting stand and built-in keyboard. Option to add printer and / or memory of up to 400 items.

    1 029,00 € sin IVA
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