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Lifting Table 1000kg 840mm (en U)


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U-shaped extra-flat electric scissor lift table. Maximum lo

ad capacity 1,000 Kg and elevates to 840 mm. You can put and remove the pallets with a forklift.

Lift table directed by buttons. In addition, it adapts a safety mushroom and a safety frame for when something hinders the descent.

Steel structure, very resistant

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Compra hoy y recíbelo Miércoles 28/02/2024
2 241,00 €
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2 490,00 €

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U-shaped extra-flat electric scissor lift table. Supports a maximum load of 1000 kg and lifts to 840 mm.

Very useful lifting platform to better handle palletized loads. In addition, it can be loaded and unloaded through a pallet truck. An egg is not needed for its location and is very easy to transport.

It is a very safe and resistant table, since it is made of rectangular steel to ensure stability.

The lifting table works through a keypad (up and down). It incorporates a safety mushroom to stop the machine. It also has a security system for the table to stop in case there is any obstacle under the table.

It is powered at 380V.

CE marked.

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Data sheet

Peso (kg)280
Capacidad (kg)1.000
Elevación total (mm)860
Altura plegada (mm)85
Motor (kw)0.75
Dimensiones de la base largo x ancho (mm)1.450 x 1.140

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