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Scrubber with Driver


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Scrubber machine with driver on board very economical, compact, and very easy to handle. Specially designed for cleaning companies, public institutions, schools, shopping centers more convenient for the operator than an accompanying driver scrubber.

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Compra hoy y recíbelo Viernes 16/12/2022

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Very simple use thanks to its intuitive panel and easy access to commands. The machine includes the regulated detergent dosing system, and self-regulation of the solution flow depending on the speed. Automatic parking brake arrangement. Machine suitable for working in any type of environment.


- (4x6V Ac / Pb) 180 Ah.

- (4x6V Agm) 190 Ah.

Data sheet

Potencia motor tracción (W)350
Dimensiones (mm)1.250 x 6300 x 1220
Depósito de agua limpia / sucia (l)60/70
Potencia máxima (W)1300
Diámetro cepillo (mm)560
Ancho de trabajo (mm)560
Capacidad de trabajo teórico (m²/h)3300
Alimentación (V)24
Potencia motor cepillo (W)450
Potencia motor aspiración (W)500
Revolución cepillo (rpm)140
Flujo de aire aspiración (l/seg)30
Vel. max tracción (km/h)6
Capacidad de trabajo (h)3,5

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Scrubber with Driver

Scrubber with Driver

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