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Bucket Sweeper


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Bucket sweeper with lid adaptable to telescopic mini loader, backhoe, ... Ideal for works in public works, construction, agriculture, livestock, gardening and industry.

Ask us, we have several models.

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Compra hoy y recíbelo Miércoles 13/03/2024

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Implement designed for cleaning and maintenance in areas where it is important to avoid dust during the sweeping operation in construction work, public works, collection of milled material in maintenance and conservation of roads, etc ...

Different sweeping widths, adaptable to any type of skid steer loader, retro shovel, telescopic handler, ... Can optionally be supplied with side brush and irrigation system.

- Easy to adapt to carrier vehicles

- Double use screwed blade.

- Hydraulic or mechanical motors according to need.

- Long lasting brushes.

- Optional equipment: irrigation system, side brush, rubber skirts ...

Variety of models, check prices

Data sheet

Descripciónbarredoras cucharon
Dimensiones (mm) largo x ancho x alto-
Dimensiones (mm)-
Depósito de agua limpia / sucia (l)-
Potencia máxima (W)-
Diámetro cepillo (mm)-
Ancho de trabajo (mm)-
Capacidad de trabajo teórico (m²/h)-

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Bucket Sweeper

Bucket Sweeper

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