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250Kg Stairs Cart (Electric)


New product

New model of electric trolley stairlift with lithium battery, with a load capacity of up to 250kg.

Lightweight carbon steel frame, comfortable and easy to carry. Transport appliances and heavy loads through the steps effortlessly.

Ideal for the distribution of goods, such as household appliances, both flat and up or down steps.

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This electric stair lift cart is specially designed to facilitate the distribution and movement of household appliances, industrial devices, construction materials, (bulky devices) of heavy boxes and material to climb stairs.

Free yourself from tiring days by hand-lifting heavy appliances or bulky appliances and ending the day with back pain. With this fantastic automatic trolley that goes up and down stairs in a very smooth and comfortable way, you can make all your deliveries in record time and, most importantly, taking care of your health.

It also works as a normal hand truck on flat ground.

Thanks to its battery-powered climbing mechanism, the truck climbs the stairs safely, slowly and fully controlled and also descends the steps safely.

When transporting heavy loads and having to overcome a ladder, these trucks make our task much easier by placing most of the weight on the ladder itself.

Thanks to these automatic ladder trolleys, a single operator can transport large loads such as refrigerators, washing machines, etc., simply and safely as the trolley itself is responsible for keeping the load in balance so that it does not fall.


Load capacity: 250kg
Material: carbon steel
Fast upload speed: 35esc / min
Extendable handle
Battery: Lithium
Charging voltage: 100V-240V
3h charge
Noise: <85 decibels
Protection: 1P33
Extended dimension: 1790x530x620mm
Folded dimension: 1260x530x320mm
Weight: 33.2kg

Data sheet

DescripciónCarro subescaleras eléctrico 250kg
Capacidad (kg)250
Dimensiones (mm)1790x530x620 (extendida)
Velocidad (peldaños/minuto)35 vel. rápida
MaterialAcero de carbono
Peso (kg)33,2

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