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Hydraulic Bucket on Board


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Hydraulic bucket on steel board thickness 5mm. This forklift implement is ideal for transporting all kinds of materials. Different measures available.

Ask us for the desired size.

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Compra hoy y recíbelo Martes 19/12/2023

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Hydraulic bucket on steel board, very resistant for forklift. Ideal for transporting all kinds of materials. Ask us the measure you need.


5mm thick steel saucepan
2 40/70 cylinders (except 250 liters = 1 cylinder) integrated into the chassis for optimal protection.
Hydraulic device for 60 ° tilt
2 hydraulic connections on FEM model two panel.
Operation: with a single double effect, the clamp is opened and unloads by lifting the bucket with the hydraulic bucket bottle. Simultaneous movement in which at the same time the clip is opened and the bucket turns and closes the clip, so that the bucket is placed in a normal position.



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Hydraulic Bucket on Board

Hydraulic Bucket on Board

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