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Aluminum Ladder Loading / Unloading for Trucks


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Aluminum ladder ideal for loading / unloading trailers or refrigerated trucks in complete safety thanks to its removable 1100mm high handrail.

It can be moved thanks to its 4 swivel castors with brakes, and with a maximum load capacity of 150kg.

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Lightweight aluminum ladder designed for loading and unloading trailers and refrigerated trucks. Its maximum load capacity is 150kg and it provides the operator with maximum safety thanks to its removable 1100mm high handrail, which prevents the operator from falling off the truck during loading or unloading.

It moves effortlessly thanks to the 4 125mm nylon wheels with brake. The structure is light and robust in that it is entirely made of aluminum.

This model is the safest ladder on the market to carry out truck loading and unloading operations in complete safety. Therefore, it complies with the European standard EN 131 and is delivered together with the certificate of conformity.


  • 125mm swivel castors with brake.
  • 150mm high plinths that prevent objects from falling from the work plane.
  • Safety parapet and handrail 1100mm high.
  • Non-slip steps 180mm deep.
  • Inclination 45º for a comfortable climb.
  • Non-slip work plane.
  • Optional non-slip tramex platform and steps for greater safety.
  • Exit to the left side of the work plane.


  • 800x1000mm work plane
  • Height to platform 1259mm
  • Base width 1000mm
  • Base length 1896mm
  • Stair width 800mm
  • Total weight of the structure 60kg

* The measurements of this product can be customized according to the client's needs. Ask us.



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