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Semi-electric scissor pallet truck 1000kg


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Semi-electric heavy scissor pallet truck, with a load capacity of 1000kg. It has manual translation and elevation of the electric scissors.

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Compra hoy y recíbelo Miércoles 28/02/2024

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Scissor pallet truck for manual translation and electric lifting with a load capacity of 1000Kg.

The balance is capable of measuring weights of up to 500 kg in 500g increments and automatically switches to 1kg increments for loads of up to 1000kg. The 3200 indicator can be rotated forward when the operator is positioned next to the forks. This combination of features makes it ideal for stock picking and order picking applications.

In addition, this hand pallet truck scale can be verified for business transactions, allowing you to bill your customers by weight. Another option is that it is equipped with an integrated printer, data transfer via Bluetooth or WiFi for quality control purposes.

For more advanced connectivity, a Bluetooth or WiFi can be added to the scale indicator. This will allow you to communicate directly with your WMS or ERP system through a portable terminal (Bluetooth), or through your own wireless network (WiFi). Likewise, the scale will be able to send the data through the wireless network to a PC where the software is installed.


  • Automatic and manual zero correction
  • Gross / Net Weighing
  • Automatic and manual tare
  • Totalizing with sequence number
  • Code entry (5 digits)
  • RS232 port for connection to printer
  • Additional port for optional Bluetooth or WiFi board
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Internal clock
  • Display error messages
  • kg / lb toggle


  • Load capacity: 1000kg
  • Multi-range graduation: 0.5kg to 500kg / 1kg to 500 to max. 1000kg
  • System tolerance: 0.1% of applied load
  • Dual color LCD display, 20mm digit height, backlight
  • Power consumption: 12V-34mA
  • Power supply: via truck battery
  • Keys: 5 function keys, on / off key
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Dimensions excl. support L x B x H: 60x77x182mm
  • Indicator Mount: Swivel and Tilt

STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS (electrical version)

  • Battery: 12V / 50Ah including 5A charger
  • Battery life: 5 hours of continuous lifting
  • Lifting motor: 12V / 0,8kW
  • Unloaded lifting speed: 0.08m / sec
  • Lifting speed loaded: 0.05m / sec


  • Power supply indicator through rechargeable batteries (with 1100 non-rechargeable indicator).
  • Pumping at maximum lift height in 30 strokes.

Data sheet

Peso (kg)150
Ancho total (mm)-
DescripciónSem-eléctrica de tijera
Capacidad (kg)1000
Elevación total (mm)-
Dimensiones (mm) largo x ancho x alto1200x580
Longitud horquilla (mm)-
Rueda de timónPoliuretano
Unidad de bombaRápida

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Semi-electric scissor pallet truck 1000kg

Semi-electric scissor pallet truck 1000kg

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