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Electric-Manual Pallet Truck (Hybrid) 1500kg


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Compact 1,500kg fully electric pallet truck, with option to switch to manual mode to continue working if the battery runs out. 24V/20Ah lithium battery.

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Compra hoy y recíbelo Viernes 01/03/2024
1 590,00 €
1590,00 € tax incl.

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Hybrid compact pallet truck, ideal for trucking, with the dimensions of a manual pallet truck but with the strength of an electric pallet truck.

It is ideal to replace in warehouses, supermarkets or shops open to the public. Easy and intuitive operation, both for its electrical and manual modes. There is the possibility to switch to manual mode by disconnecting the battery and activating a lever to continue working, despite the battery running out.


  • Load capacity: 1500kg
  • Maximum lifting height: 200mm
  • Electric mode / manual mode shift brake
  • Forks: 1150x540mm
  • Traction motor: 0.75kW
  • Lifting motor: 0.5kW
  • Removable and maintenance-free lithium battery: 24V / 20Ah
  • Fast battery charging option
  • Overcoming slope (with / without load): 8/20%
  • Hybrid Lift and Pull Pump (Manual and Electric)
  • Total measurements (length x width x height): 1546x540x1250mm
  • Minimum maintenance, parts easily replaceable by the user.
  • Net weight: 125kg

* Available hybrid models with scale, galvanized, stainless, etc., contact us.

Data sheet

Peso (kg)125
Longitud (mm)1250
Ancho total (mm)540
Descripcióneléctrica-manual (hibrida) 1500kg
Capacidad (kg)1500
Elevación total (mm)200
Batería (Ah)24V/20Ah
Longitud horquilla (mm)1150
Horquillas (mm)1150x540
Potencia motor tracción (W)0,75kW
Potencia motor elevador (kW)0,5kW

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