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Self-Supporting Stacker de 500kg a 1300mm


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Self-supporting stacker with 500kg load capacity at 1,300mm elevation.

Ideal to take in the truck or van and be able to raise and lower it by your own means. It is light and versatile and has a very easy and intuitive operation.
The Tymbia self-loading stacker is an innovation for the delivery of all types of materials. In the same product you can replace your lifting platform, transparent manual, stacker, ramp and elevator.

Stacker with electro-hydraulic lifting and manual traction, you can take control by means of the buttons located at the helm. Equipped with double wheels for easy handling. Its battery is 12V, it has the battery charge indicator and key on / off.

It is easy and fast to transport because it will be loaded in your truck or van. Thanks to the self-supporting stacker you will significantly increase the comfort and efficiency of your deliveries.

The self-loading stacker is the best solution for the distribution of goods.

Load capacity: 500 Kg.
Maximum lifting height: 1300 mm.
Load center: 400 mm.
Minimum lifting height: 90 mm.
Turning radius: 1120 mm.
Drive wheel: 100 mm diameter x 50 mm wide.
Load wheel: 70 mm diameter x 60 mm wide.
Total width: 780 mm.
Total length: 1600mm.
Forks: 1150 x 155 x 60mm.
Fork width: 535 mm.
Lifting speed: 80 mm / sec.
Descent speed: 90 mm / sec.
Lifting motor power: 12V / 0.8Kw.
Batteries: 12V / 33Ah.
Net weight: 219 Kg.

Data sheet

Peso (kg)219
Ancho total (mm)780
DescripciónApilador autoportante 500 kg a 1300 mm
Capacidad (kg)500
Elevación uñas (mm)1300
Motor (W)12V/0.8Kw
Altura con mástil plegado (mm)1600

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