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Upper Shelf Barrier


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Protect the shelves from blows with heavy machinery avoiding losses in material goods, in stock and in the structures themselves.

This barrier is of superior quality, withstanding impacts of up to 86,900 Jul

MEMAPLEX material absorbs shocks leaving intact both building elements and vehicles and saving more than 85% in repair and maintenance costs.

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Compra hoy y recíbelo Jueves 28/09/2023

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Designed to protect the ends of the aisles of shelves where vehicles and rotating equipment can impact the fragile shelving structures.

This RackEnd barrier provides high resistance protection to shelving systems against accidents due to large impacts and prevents damage.
Posts with circular ends provide improved protection at the ends of the barrier that are more susceptible to impact. Innovative rotating collars dissipate and deflect impact forces to a greater extent.

Thanks to the elasticity of the MEMAPLEX material, the bollards absorb the impact avoiding damage to the vehicles, the ground (which is almost always damaged due to damage to the metal safety elements) and to the same bollard, which results with 0% damage.

Save maintenance costs thanks to A-SAFE. If there is no damage due to accidents, there are no repair costs. Thanks to A-SAFE it is possible to save up to 90% on maintenance of both the facilities, vehicles and the safety material itself, since the MEMAPLEX material is hardly maintenance.




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Data sheet

DescripciónRestrictor altura puertas
Capacidad (kg)Impacto: 5.400 Jul

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Upper Shelf Barrier

Upper Shelf Barrier

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