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Column Protector 100x100mm


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Protect your ship's columns with this novel solution. A-Safe column protectors are specially designed to absorb and dissipate impacts, avoiding damage to vehicles, facilities, and even the same protection systems.

Its resistance is key to avoid accidents and withstand impacts up to 1300kg machines.

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designed to offer protection to round and square integrated columns of any height.

Easy and quick to install, the interlocking modular sections ensure a tight fit to the columns on all sides, avoiding vulnerable gaps, optimizing space and allowing the transfer of energy around and outside the column.

Its staggered stacking feature connects multiple Column Guards
together so that they act as a single integrated unit and fixed in position, which disperses energy through the entire system for superior protection at higher heights.
The step also covers the support plate of a column to protect
the fixations of the impacts.

Thanks to the elasticity of the MEMAPLEX material, the bollards absorb the impact avoiding damage to the vehicles, the ground (which is almost always damaged due to damage to the metal safety elements) and to the same bollard, which results with 0% damage.

Save maintenance costs thanks to A-SAFE. If there is no damage due to accidents, there are no repair costs. Thanks to A-SAFE it is possible to save up to 90% on maintenance of both the facilities, vehicles and the safety material itself, since the MEMAPLEX material is hardly maintenance.






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DescripciónProtector Columna Solido
Capacidad (kg)Impacto: 1.600 Jul
Dimensiones (mm) largo x ancho x alto100X100

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Column Protector 100x100mm

Column Protector 100x100mm

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