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Start battery tester


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Starter battery tester easy to read and quick to check. Very practical use with batteries that are difficult to access.

High precision in measurements.

It controls the battery flow, its starting capacity and the power output of the charging system.

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Compra hoy y recíbelo Jueves 29/02/2024
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This starter battery tester performs the following functions:

-Indicates the state of the battery

-Verify the battery's starting capacity

- Check the alternator voltage, detecting possible problems in the vehicle's charging system that could cause damage


-Hydrometer resistant to chemical products of professional quality

-Read reading and with great precision at any electrolyte temperature

-Quick liquid sample sample without bubbles

-Readings independent of the vertical position of the instrument

-The automatic air lock prevents the loss of liquid and the formation of bubbles

- Robust materials, resistant to shocks, corrosive on its entire surface


- Large, easy-to-read scale with fast-checking color sectors

- Practical and compact size for use with hard-to-access batteries

-Extraordinary temperature compensation and measurement accuracy

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