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Mechanical self-propelled Manual Pallet Jack


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This 2.500 kg Manual Pallet jack is equipped with a mechanical self-propelled system, which facilitates operations on ramps and reduces operator effort, giving greater security in operations on uneven terrain.

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Compra hoy y recíbelo Jueves 04/04/2024

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Once the mechanical self-propelled system is activated with a pedal located on the mast, it is only necessary to move the rudder up or down in order to put the equipment in motion with minimal effort.

This function can be activated in both directions or directions of the pallet truck (towards the front or back) and can operate as a brake system on sloping surfaces, for example: the horizontal movement of very heavy loads becomes much easier and sure to perform with this system.


  • Translation and manual elevation.
  • Load capacity: 2500 kg.
  • Minimum lifting height of 85 mm.
  • Fork measures: 48 x 160 x 1150 mm.
  • Hydraulic self-drive and braking mechanism.

Data sheet

Peso (kg)67
Ancho total (mm)540
DescripciónAncha y corta
Altura min. (mm)80
Capacidad (kg)2500
Longitud horquilla (mm)1000
Horquillas (mm)48x160x1150
Rueda de timónGoma
RodillosPoliuretano(1 rodillo por horquilla)
EspecialAutopropulsión mecánica para manejar en cuestas

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Mechanical self-propelled Manual Pallet Jack

Mechanical self-propelled Manual Pallet Jack

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