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Electric pallet truck 2,000 Kg multifunction


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The 2,000kg multifunction electric pallet truck joins a traditional pallet truck with a stacker on a single machine.

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Compra hoy y recíbelo Martes 10/10/2023

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Handles, not only the transportation of materials through the ground, but also manages the loading and unloading of trucks and the stacking of pallets up to a maximum lifting height of 2500mm, In addition, with its double lifting function, it is capable of lifting two European pallets at the same time, so that all operations can be performed twice as fast compared to a conventional pallet truck or stacker. This pallet truck can load with 2000Kg when used as a pallet truck, 1000 kg when used as a stacker, or 2 pallets of 1000kg when used as a double pallet truck lifting a pair of its two pairs of double forks.


-High capacity battery

-Long tiller design

-Easy maintenance

-Small turning radius

-Robust design

-CAN-BUS technology

Data sheet

Peso (kg)1240
Longitud (mm)3746
Ancho total (mm)810
DescripciónElectric pallet truck 2000 Kg multifunction
Capacidad estabilizador (kg)2000
Capacidad (kg)2000
Elevación total (mm)1400/1800
Batería (Ah)24V/210Ah
Longitud horquilla (mm)60/180/2400
Potencia motor tracción (W)1,3
Potencia motor elevador (kW)2.2

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Electric pallet truck 2,000 Kg multifunction

Electric pallet truck 2,000 Kg multifunction

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