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Pallet truck picks up driver orders on board with adjustable backrest and driving button on foot during picking tasks.

Fast, comfortable and efficient.

High performance and great comfort for the operator thanks to its easy to operate rudder, together with the grip on the back and the back seat make the journey on board easier and safer.

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Compra hoy y recíbelo Jueves 25/04/2024

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-AC steering system with German technology.

-Electric power steering.

-Comfortable and effortless operations.

-Lateral control in picking mode.

-Standard battery for easy lateral exchange.

Data sheet

Peso (kg)1085
Longitud (mm)2667(2122)
Ancho total (mm)790
DescripciónElectric pallet truck 2500 Kg on-board driver
Capacidad estabilizador (kg)2500
Capacidad (kg)2500
Elevación total (mm)130
Batería (Ah)24V/465Ah
Longitud horquilla (mm)60x180x2400
Potencia motor tracción (W)3,9
Potencia motor elevador (kW)1,6

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Orderpicker 2500 Kg

Orderpicker 2500 Kg

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