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Self-loading Dumper Sweeper


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The most effective mechanical sweeper on the market. It has a 100% mechanical sweeping system, which allows you to collect waste from the road without effort. High concentration of plastics, cans, garbage bags, glass and especially earth and stones are the perfect conditions for this sweeper.

Its floating brushes, adapt to the irregularities of the terrain and are able to tear and collect any residue regardless of volume and weight.

It has two side brushes 45 cm in diameter, with water spray system to avoid dust and a 1.45 cm central brush, controlled from the cabin, are responsible for leaving the road clean in a single pass.


  • Electric start and stop.
  • Provided with three floating and adjustable sweeping brushes for wear.
  • A central brush and two lateral circulars. Water spray.
  • Interchangeable spoon to turn the sweeper into a self-loading dumper.
  • Protective roof, windshield with wiper, upper flashing light.
  • Count hours.
  • Reverse acoustic warning and safety belt.

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Fabricante del motorLombardini LDW-702

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Self-loading Dumper Sweeper

Self-loading Dumper Sweeper

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