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Standard Flow Milling Machine


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Designed for milling asphalt and concrete in the construction and maintenance of roads, streets, industrial buildings, road accesses, etc.

We have several models, ask us to know which is the most suitable for your machine.

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Compra hoy y recíbelo Lunes 26/02/2024

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- Easy to adapt to mini loaders, mid loaders, backhoe loaders, telescopic, multi-purpose vehicles with standard flow.

- Transmission by Geroller hydraulic motor direct to drum.

- Hydraulic lateral translation, depth and oscillation (tilt) mechanically operated.

- Does not require drainage.

- Hitch and hydraulic sockets for the carrier.

Data sheet

Peso (kg)Dede 605 hasta 650
Profundidad (mm)Des 0 a 127
Presión máxima (bar)Desde 138 hasta 242
Ancho tambor (mm)Desde 305 hasta 406
Traslación lateral (mm)660

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Standard Flow Milling Machine

Standard Flow Milling Machine

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