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Loading Ramp with Non-Slip Plates


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The loading ramp with non-slip plates is the most effective solution for loading and unloading efficiently and quickly outside.

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Compra hoy y recíbelo Jueves 02/02/2023

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It can be used by trucks where the load weight plus that of the machine does not exceed 10 tons. The useful width of the ramp is 2 meters and it has a guardrail both on the ramp and on the loading platform. It is ideal for outdoor loads, thanks to Tramex gateways, thus avoiding traction problems.

Tymbia loading ramps are manufactured in Spain, equipped with guardrails in UPN 80mm along the ramp, as well as on the loading platform.

Ramp of rise of 12m by 2m wide, with a drop of 1’48m (slope of 7º - 12%). With tilting platform 3’5m long by 2’5m wide. With 2 hydraulic cylinders and manual switchboard for lifting.

Built with longitudinal beams to avoid undulations in it (avoid steering problems and wheel wear on the forklift). 12m ramp length ideal for outdoor loads (avoids traction problems with wet or wet ground even with double pallets).

Finished and painted with a layer of primer and another of enamel.

Certificate of conformity: CE and instruction book.

The indicated price does not include transport or assembly.

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Loading Ramp with Non-Slip Plates

Loading Ramp with Non-Slip Plates

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