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High frequency traction battery chargers suitable for working one or more shifts. They are used to charge all standard PzS and PzV batteries.

Consult us for availability and compatibility with your battery

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Among its advantages are:

- Fully regulated load curves.

- Thanks to its high frequency technology, it allows a considerable energy saving.

- Compatible with most industrial applications.

- They have an internal memory which can be downloaded and analyzed through USB.

- It has automatic load start and end of charge.

- It incorporates LED indicators of load and end of charge.

- Carry out an automatic test before loading.

- Continuously controls the load and detects anomalies in the act.


- Reduction of energy costs up to 20%.

- Reduction of load times in 8 hours.

- USB terminal to download the data and analyze them.

- Furniture for wall mounting.

Consult us for availability and compatibility with your battery

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DescripciónCargador baterias tracción

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Cargadores de baterías

Cargadores de baterías

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