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Containers and baskets

Baskets and containers of sheet or mesh for multiple uses. Available in various capacities and materials.

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  • Metallic basket with bright electrolytic zinc finish. It has 4 wheels for easy transport. Load capacity 100Kg.

    267,00 € sin IVA
  • Pallet made of High Density Polyetinel. Useful for trucks with a load capacity of up to 1,800 kg of static and 600 kg dynamic. Easy wash.

    84,90 € sin IVA
  • Universal plastic pallet, with a smooth base on the top and turned on the bottom. Made of recycled high density polyetinel. Useful for transport with trucks. Load capacity of 750Kg on shelf. Easy wash.

    74,90 € sin IVA
  • Made of recycled polypropylene (PP) material. Long service life, applicability, easy washing, low weight and recyclable. Ecological and economic alternative for classic wooden pallets. Load capacity 1,200 kg.

    44,90 € sin IVA
  • Metallic basket for all types of consumer goods and spare parts. Surface finish painted white. How much with 4 swivel wheels. Load capacity of 150Kg.

    249,90 € sin IVA
  • Mesh closet with 5 heights, has 5 shelves (60kg / shelf) of steel. Roof and side mesh reinforced with 50x50mm light. 16mm wood fiber boards that support 60Kg of load each and are height adjustable. Double door with lock.

    807,00 € sin IVA
  • Metallic stackable stackable on itself and fully foldable. Finish in bright electrolytic zinc. Load capacity of 800 Kg.

    325,00 € sin IVA
  • High density polyether container resistant to ultraviolet, infrared, acid, extreme temperatures, etc. Useful for storing and transporting material with wheelbarrow. Maximum load of 500 Kg. Easy wash. Option to put cover (consult).

    339,00 € sin IVA
  • Set of 4 tubes of 60mm Ø and 1500mm high for pallets with ref: A304010075.

    129,00 € sin IVA
  • Upper and lower base for big-bag. It is supplied without the tubes (Ref: A304010084).

    259,00 € sin IVA
  • Wagon with a load capacity of up to 400 kg highly recommended for transporting bulk materials. Wagon with 4 wheels of solid rubber and robust and safe chassis.

    299,00 € sin IVA
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    1 702,00 €

    Water tank with 4,000-liter vertical circular base to place on the surface.Made of fiber reinforced polyester.

    1 702,00 € sin IVA
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    3 571,00 €

    Water tank with a 5,000-liter vertical circular base to place on the surface. Made of fiber reinforced polyester.

    3 571,00 € sin IVA
Showing 33 - 46 of 46 items

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