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  • Work baskets

    Baskets for forklifts with or without wheels, front or side nail entry. An economical and simple way to do different jobs at height, take advantage of the opportunity to buy a cart for your truck easily and quickly at

  • Hoppers

    Self-loading hoppers with or without wheels to facilitate the loading and dumping of a variety of materials from your forklift. Wide range of containers, in different sizes and capacities. Immediate shipments with free transport in the peninsula.

  • Cranes and wheelbarrow hooks

    Attachments cranes hooks for forklifts, with them you can manipulate the load from your bull as a crane. Variety of measures and capacities.

  • Weighing kits
  • To load cylinders and drums

    Implements for torito ideal for flipping and / or transporting cylinders, drums, containers, ... solutions for loads from the forklift.

  • On board: tumblers, clamps, ...

    Attachments on forklift board. Offers in 180º and 360º tumblers, forceps and fork positioners.

  • Special Attachments
  • Reconditioned Attachments

    All kinds of attachments for forklift used, completely reconditioned. Quality and economic implements, great variety of brands and models, contact us. Free shipping

  • Sweepers and brushes

    Industrial brushes and sweepers adaptable to forklifts. Variety of models.