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Indicador de pesaje


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Weighing indicator for multiple scales. With its keyboard you can perform several functions:

  • weighing unit selection
  • gross Net
  • accumulation and manual transmission of data to PC or printer
  • zero
  • tare

Separate buttons to turn on and off.

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Compra hoy y recíbelo Jueves 06/04/2023
120,00 €
120,00 € tax incl.

More info

Weight-tare indicator.
ABS housing IP54 protection.
Waterproof keyboard with 6 function keys and paid / on keys.
Large illuminated retro LCD display with 6 digits of 40 mm.
Retro lighting of the display with three modes: automatic, activated and deactivated.
ABS support for column.
Includes wall anchor holes.
Blister included.
Up to 4 load cells of 350Ω each or 8 load cells of 700Ω.
Operating temperature: -10ºC + 40ºC.
Mains supply with AC / DC adapter 110-240Vac 50-60Hz.
6V / 4Ah rechargeable battery.
Battery life with backlight activated and RS232 ON: 80 hours approx.
Battery life with backlight off and RS232 OFF: 320 hours approx.
Units: kg, t or g (to choose at the time of order).
Optional RS232 output (DB9 connector). Sending data with PC and printer format.
Unit range / Multi range (to choose at the time of order).
Automatic shutdown (with desired time setting from 1 to 99 minutes).
Approval to 3,000 OIML class III divisions.
CE certification.

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